The NonVerbal Dictionary of Gestures, Signs & Body Language Cues


Concept1. Knowledge, facts, or data derived from communication. 2. Answers to questions (i.e., the resolution of uncertainty).
Usage: The meaning of a signsignal, or cue is the information it transmits to receivers. Nonverbal signs convey information about a. our social status (see, e.g., DOMINANCE and SUBMISSION), b. our feelings (see, e.g., ANGER and FEAR), and c. our thoughts (see, e.g.,DECEPTION and UNCERTAINTY). Nonverbal information ranges from "low level" signs of physiological arousal (e.g. facial flushing) to "high level" signs for conceptual thought (e.g., mime cues).

RESEARCH REPORTS1. "Information is a name for the content of what is exchanged with the outer world as we adjust to it, and make our adjustment felt upon it" (Wiener 1950:26-7). 2. A faculty for the communication of information pervades all life (Young 1978).

Neuro-notes. Nonverbal information flows in two directions simultaneously, as our nervous system sends efferent (i.e., outgoing) and receives afferent (i.e., incoming) cues.