The NonVerbal Dictionary of Gestures, Signs & Body Language Cues

Motion Energy Map

Observation tool1. A computerized rendering of facial energy patterns used to read emotions, feelings, and moods. 2. A digitalized camera image with which to display the facial-muscle contractions of specific emotions (e.g., of sadnessanger, and fear).
Usage: Motion energy maps show which areas of the face move to express given emotions. They may someday enable computers to recognize and respond to emotion cues of the face.

RESEARCH REPORTS1. "In pilot tests with people making deliberate expressions of emotions, the computer read the emotions with up to 98 percent accuracy" (Goleman 1997:C1). 2. "What we've done so far," said Georgia Tech computer scientist Irfan Essa, "is just the very first step in building a machine that can read emotions" (Goleman 1997:C9). 3. "Dr [Roz] Picard and her associates at M.I.T.'s Media Lab are developing prototypes of . . . [emotionally] sensitive machines that are not just portable, but wearable. 'A computer that monitors your emotions might be worn on your shoulders, waist, in your shoes, anywhere,' Dr. Picard said" (Goleman 1997:C9).
See also FACE.